Episode-005 – Working Hard for the Spam and Cheese

On this episode Jon let us know that he is still active in his Destiny clan and continues to spackle in his basement. Brian took part in hosting a painting party in his home and will provide a finished painting as proof. Dustin shares a recent unpleasant visit to the dentist and gives details on the completion of his room remodeling project. Scott’s family has caught the song and dance fever recently after viewing the movie The Greatest Showman.

We then shift gears and discuss our past places of employment. Brian talks first about his history in the airline industry and shares a scary experience with coolers as checked baggage. Jon speaks on his history in the retail industry and names Circuit City as his most favorite job. He then shares an experience playing trivia for a $100 tip. Dustin tells a funny story from when he worked as a valet as well as when he discovered a mysterious sinkhole on a beef farm. Scott describes an experience he had while working in retail on Black Friday in the electronics department.

We end the show with our traditional Would You Rather question. This time it has something to do with Spam and Velveeta. Yum!

Paint Parties – Happy Little Paintings – Krista  http://www.facebook.com/egertopaint

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