Episode-006 – My Big Fat Burrito Mancave

On this episode, we provide an update on our monthly mancave event. This time it was the The Burrito Grande Challenge! Who was able to finish the five pound monster burrito? Scott and Dustin detail their recent visit to the roller skating rink. Scott is excited for the season opener of the Real Salt Lake (MLS).

We then move our discussion to the Tiny Home movement. Are tiny homes here to stay? Why would someone be interested in owning a tiny home? What are the benefits and drawbacks of them?

We then discuss what we would like to see in our dream mancave. Brian would go for a fancy home theater. Jon would bring the Starship Enterprise to his home. Dustin would like a workshop and arcade. Scott’s would have a comfortable gaming room with a short order chef.


Small is Beautiful: A Tiny Home Documentary: http://bit.ly/2D6xBQe

We The Tiny House People: Small Homes, Tiny Flats & Shelters: https://youtu.be/lDcVrVA4bSQ

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